AirFader Mobile for iPad works as a remote control for the Windows version of AirFader.

Most configuration happens on the Server Side, so setting up AirFader on your iPad is simple. If you have not yet configured your Server or network, do that first: Set Up AirFader Server.


  1. Open AirFader on the iPad and click "Settings" from the bottom bar.
  2. Enter the IP address you set up for AirFader Server.
    • The server's IP Address and usernames/passwords can be found in AirFader Server by clicking "Config" and selecting the "Server" and "Users" tabs.

  3. Enter the Username and Password for the person using this iPad.
  4. Click "Connect" to log in with the new settings.


If you can't log in, make sure you're connected to the correct wireless network, and that the IP, Name, and Password all match what's in AirFader Server.


Configuration Notes


  • Changing any Server Settings will force AirFader to disconnect. Click "Connect" to re-connect with the new settings.
  • AirFader aggressively auto-connects every time the app starts, or the "Mixer" screen is shown, or connection is lost. If connection fails due to wrong address or password it will stop trying until you click the green "Connect" button, above


  • AirFader will disconnect if the iPad goes to sleep, but will automatically re-sync when it wakes up. It's very fast!




Usage Tips


Here are some overall tips on using AirFader for iPad smartly.


  • Pressing the "Mix" Fader Mode button (below "FOH") will switch to Sends on Faders mode for the last Mix used. Pressing it again will pop up a box to select a different mix.
  • If a button or fader doesn't show up, your Permissions in AirFader Server don't allow you to control it.
  • Faders are color coded based on their function:
    • White - Channel Fader Level (FOH Mixing)
    • Yellow - Channel Send to a Mix (Sends on Faders)
    • Purple - Master Level for a Mix (Mix Master)
    • Red - "Stereo Master" Fader (FOH Master)
    • Blue - Other Channel Parameter (Pan, etc.)
  • Knobs can be adjusted by touching inside the circle and then dragging outside to create a virtual "handle". Then move in a circle pattern around the knob to adjust. The bigger your circle, the easier it is to make small adjustments. If you run out of room, just tap and drag a new handle.
  • Knobs can also be adjusted by selecting them and then using the blue horizontal "Parameter Fader" at the bottom.
  • To choose channels for the Custom Layer, simply long-press the "Custom" button.
  • You can put your "Mix Master" fader on a Custom Layer! For example, put your 7 most important channels in your Custom Layer, plus the Master fader for your mix. Then you can do most things from a single page, and still have the option to choose "Channel" Layer mode to access the other channels.
  • To make small adjustments easier turn on Fine Mode by pressing the "Fine" button. Faders and knobs will move 1/5th as fast, and they can be "grabbed" anywhere on the fader track; not just the fader cap.
  • You can also "nudge" a fader slightly by tapping the top or bottom of the fader body. Tapping in Fine Mode will move just one step. (Horizontal faders can be tapped Left or Right but always move one step.)
  • To turn on Channel Level Meters click the "Meters" button in the right-side toolbox of AirFader Server.
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